Spring Break Pt. 1 Belgium, France, and Monaco

Hallo! Bonjour! After spending countless hours studying for midterms, I was ready for spring break so that we could travel for more than three short days at a time. To begin our trip, my roommate Kiera and I left the apartment at 4:00am on Friday morning and headed to the airport for a 6:30am flight. The whole morning is one big blur because we got little sleep, but I do vaguely remember “The Greatest Show” playing on the radio while our uber drove through the outskirts of my favorite city.

Fast forward a few hours, Kiera and I arrived to Brussels, Belgium, where we had a five hour layover. We did exactly what one must do when you have a layover in Brussels and took a bus into the city center. Unfortunately, the bus took longer than expected because it was rush hour, so we had to walk from the stop to the square and eat waffles in a limited amount of time.

I can honestly say that I have walked neither that far nor that aggressively for a waffle in my life. It was good, but I am sure the ones not sold at a tourist stand are much better.

Once we got back to the Brussels Airport, we had a few hours to kill before flying to Nice, so we watched Netflix for a little bit. One thing I like to do in each country we go to is see what movies are available on Netflix; each place has different licenses for different titles. Sometimes it is fun to watch a new movie when we are resting in a hostel, at an airport, or on a train/bus with wifi.

On our flight to Nice, we flew over the French Alps. Check out the wonderful view below!

After we arrived in Nice, we had a chill evening which involved finding our Airbnb and grocery shopping.

The next morning, Kiera and I explored the beautiful downtown.

We spent the rest of the day lying on the beach and enjoying the 70 degree weather.

On Sunday morning, I went to a French Baroque-style church for mass and then we grabbed a traditional French brunch and went for a hike in a small town outside of Nice named Èze.

We started by the sea in the town of modern-day Èze and hiked up to the medieval village of Èze.

Monday was another beach day, and we rented bikes and rode a few miles along the promenade.

On Tuesday, we took a short trip to Monaco. For being such a small country, Monaco is impressively wealthy. The photo on the right below is the Monte Carlo Opera House and Casino. We also saw many fancy cars and yachts, and all of the restaurants were very high priced. Kiera and I decided to go to McDonald’s and grab McFlurrys instead.

We left the following day and flew back to Prague. Overall, I had an amazing time in France because the French were so friendly, the views were gorgeous, and the food was fantastic.

Stay tuned for a Part 2 blog of my break.

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