Nearly Halfway!!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been almost 8 weeks in Prague already. While the weather has been getting worse in the Midwest, it has been getting better here; last week, we reached 65 degrees Fahrenheit on the warmest day. With weather improving, classes picking up, and traveling here and there, I have basically lost track of time. The past couple of weeks in Prague have involved attending a film festival, going to the National Technical Museum, the Convent of St. Agnes, and the Museum of Communism.

I have also enjoyed rock climbing, doing yoga, and walking all over this city. Here are some photos I have captured of Prague recently:

I have also been eating some great food in Prague in addition to Czech food.

For example, there are kebab stands all over the city, so my roommates and I made good friends with our local kebab man. Whenever we stop by, he turns up the music and gets really excited.

We also found a great Mexican restaurant which felt like home.

Sometimes my roommates and I will also eat the touristy dessert called Trdelník, which isn’t even historically Czech. They are pretty delicious though.

After being in Prague for a bit, my friends and I decided to travel over to the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, which is a lot smaller than Prague. Just four hours east, Bratislava has two beautiful castles and a lot of cool little shops, making it a relaxed weekend. First, we hiked up the Devín Castle–the massive ruins of an 11th Century construction. The Devín is located right on the Danube River, separating Austria and Slovakia. It was nice to take a break from the city and be with nature.

We spent a lot of time enjoying the views and then went back to the city to see this gorgeous art nouveau style church.

Even the pews inside this church were pale blue!

On Sunday, we attended Latin Mass with 3 Priests and 20 Seminarians, so that was a fun surprise! Then we visited Bratislava Castle and saw some great views from the top of the hill.

Overall, I have been really enjoying myself in Central Europe but need to study a lot in the next few weeks with midterms approaching!



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