The Castle Ball

Last weekend, my roommates and I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a ball in the largest castle complex in the world: Prague Castle.

Each year, our school — Anglo-American University — holds an annual ball. This year it was held in a palace at Prague Castle. We knew it was a special event, similar to a sorority/fraternity formal or prom, so we all found fancy dresses a couple weeks before, searched for what seemed like the whole city of Prague for a pair of heels, and got ready for the ball. After doing our hair and makeup, our group of 7 hopped on the metro to go to the ball.

It was fun to see the reactions of people we came across while looking our absolute best. When we finally arrived to the castle and made our way to the palace, everything looked amazing. Students were dressed in their classiest clothes, and the venue was very historic.

There was even a band playing classical covers of pop songs throughout the night. Overall, it was an awesome night with my roommates and friends.

Coincidentally, at the same time as the ball, my youngest sister was playing in the Iowa Girls High School Class 1A Semi-Final? So I spent the last part of the ball watching her game while dancing.

They won the game, so all of my girls at the ball celebrated with me. I will always remember this Gossip-Girl-like experience!



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