Bus 2 Berlin

Museums, tours, and schnitzel — these 3 words pretty much describe my trip to Berlin, Germany last weekend. A few of my roommates and I left Prague last Friday morning for a four-hour bus ride north. When we arrived in the city, the first thing I noticed is how modern it is. Because a lot of buildings were destroyed during the war, Berlin resembled a younger city, similar to the U.S.

We started off by going to the Berliner Dom, a 15th century cathedral. Instead of paying for a tour of the church, my roommate noticed that there was an evening prayer service offered at 6pm, so we just came back to the Dom a few hours later for that.

After that, we took a train over to the East Side Gallery. It was so cool to see creative murals offering messages of peace and love on an old part of the Berlin Wall.

Later in the evening, we visited the iconic Brandenburg Gate, which was built in the 1700s. It was incredible to see at night!

We finished the evening by trying currywurst, which is a sausage covered in curry powder and ketchup. It sounds strange, but the concoction was pretty good (I could’ve gone with less ketchup). This one was served with fries & garlic mayo, making it a perfect late night snack.

We spent the majority of Saturday morning on a walking tour of the city. The main places we visited included: The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, communist propaganda, remnants of the wall, the site of Hitler’s former bunker (not pictured) and the square in the city where book burnings took place. It was equally interesting and unsettling to learn about the history of this city.

We spent the afternoon going through two museums–The Memorial to the German Resistance and The Topography of Terror.

To finish up the evening, we ate delicious schnitzel and drank Berliner Kindl Raddlers, which is my favorite beer ever (I had it when visiting Munich and Garmisch in Summer ’17).

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to check out Olympiastadion – home of the 1936 Olympics and 2006 World Cup. I really enjoyed being in a place with so much history and where world records were set.

Overall, I had a great time in Deutschland but was relieved to be back home in Prague on Sunday night.

Thanks for reading about my travels ๐Ÿ™‚

Next week I will be discussing more about life in Prague–stay tuned!



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