Oh yeah, I’m going to school too

Ahoj! Welcome back to emmabroad or should I say “emabroad” because that’s a more traditional Czech way of spelling it – Ema. They also spell and pronounce Chizek a little different.

Anyways, I started class at Anglo-American University (AAU) this week. My uni is in a building that used to be a palace, so it is pretty extravagant. I have been dressing up quite a bit more for class than I do in the states because leggings and a sweatshirt don’t really go with this chandelier.

This semester I’m taking four courses: German 2, Prague Art & Architecture, Intro. to Management, and Corporate Finance. My first class was German, and it was a very cultural experience. While most of my classes have at least a couple of students also studying abroad in them, my German class does not. All of the other students attend AAU full time. Since it is an international school, my peers are from Macedonia, Kosovo, Brazil, Russia, and Bulgaria (to name a few). I have a feeling it’s going to be a challenging semester because I can only speak minimal Deutsch as it is, and now I have to try to understand everyone speaking it in their respective accents as well. I hope it makes me a much better listener/speaker and can’t wait for see how much my language skills progress in the next four months.

After that, I had my management class, which had the most intense ice breaker I have ever experienced. To start the three hour class, we went around the class and introduced ourselves per usual, but after going through the syllabus, we got into groups, brainstormed a product/service, created a brief marketing and finance plan, and presented it in front of the class. At the time it was stressful, but now I actually know a few of my classmates, and everyone seems more comfortable with one another.

I can already tell my Art & Architecture class is going to be my favorite this semester. The purpose of the course is to learn all about Prague’s history through field trips to the city’s beautiful galleries, cathedrals, castles, museums, etc. I love both history and Prague, so there is really no way to go wrong! At the end of my class, my Czech professor even asked if any students wanted to grab a beer with him because talking for three hours is “thirsty business.” He was dead serious.

Besides classes, I had a great week trying new things. For example, on Sunday morning a few of my roommates and I went to Czech Mass in a 20th century cathedral; it was nothing like I have ever experienced before (in a good way).

In addition, I tried yoga on Monday for the first time ever. Our program, CEA, has a fitness initiative called iMove, which offers a few different classes each week. It was a little tough at first because I haven’t stretched some of those muscles that much since high school sports, but I will definitely be going back in the future.

We also celebrated my roommate Iva’s 21st birthday on Tuesday at the CUTEST place called Cafe Chloe. If you even semi-enjoy the color pink, you’ve gotta go to this place sometime. Iva got a pink latte, and we all got delicious breakfast smoothie bowls. It was so fun.

Overall, I am already starting to feel like I’m fitting in here. Grocery shopping is getting easier, public transportation is a breeze, and a few of my roommates, Kiera and Megan, and I are taking a trip this weekend already.

Thanks for reading along!



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